Art Classes for Teenagers


Painting and Drawing classes

Art classes for teens

Our weekly classes for teenagers run from September to May. You can enroll any time if we have space in the class.

You can enroll any time in our art classes teens if we have space in the class. You do not need to wait for the beginning of the month to enroll (we will pro-rate tuition if that is the case).

The students will take advantage of our small teacher/ratio having a quality instruction while developing a love for art. If you do not find space in the class you want, please register in the waiting list, and we will contact you with some options.

NW Austin Schedule for Teens.


Schedules for our 2017-2018 cycle will be published on August 14th and enrollment will be opened on August 21st.

Cedar Park Schedule for Teens


Schedules for our 2017-2018 cycle will be published on August 14th and enrollment will be opened on August 21st.

SW Austin Schedule for Teens.

Schedules for our 2017-2018 cycle will be published on August 14th.


Our teen classes offer personalized instruction depending on the level of the student and their interests. Everyone in the class can work on different projects and media.

For a beginning student, we always suggest starting with drawing lessons. We use the method of Dr. Betty Edwards, who wrote “Drawing on the Right side of the Brain,” to teach young students how to “see” and draw in a realistic way. As part of the curriculum, we review: contour line, cross contour line, negative space, perspective and basic shading techniques. Once the student learns basic drawing skills, we go deeper into value, observation and shading techniques using charcoal and soft pastels. Through the classes we introduce the concepts of a good composition, drawing or painting from still life and copying some masterpieces. Once drawing skills are mastered, we introduce them to new mediums such as watercolors, mixed-media and acrylics.

For experienced students, we have an initial talk to determine the current level of the student and discuss their interests and objectives of the class. Then we suggest a series of projects that will strength the skills they need to improve or teach a new media they have not experienced before. They can choose from charcoal, pencil, watercolor, soft and oil pastels and acrylics. 

When can I enroll in a class?
You can enroll anytime as long as we have space in the class. The tuition for the first month will be prorated based on your enrollment date. For tuition fees, please see our class schedule.

Do you have other locations?
We have two locations conveniently located in Northwest Austin and Cedar Park.

Do you have classes for Adults?
Yes. We have classes for adults, children and teens. For more information, please visit our class schedule.

How young can a student be to enroll in a class?
Students can start as young as four years old depending upon their level of maturity (how the child handles being without Mom or Dad at his/her side). For more information or special requests, please contact us.

How is Art Plus Academy different from other art classes?
Our continued class approach (as opposed to a one-time class), small groups and focus on technique, allow us to take each student from a beginner level to an intermediate or advanced level through skill development and freedom to foster individually creativity. Measurable results can be achieved by each student after 12 weeks of continuous instruction!

What is your class make-up policy?
A student can attend another regular class providing there is room available in that class. However, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRORATING NOR REFUND for missed classes. "Missed" classes cannot be used as a "class credit" for the next session. See our class policies.

Do you offer scholarships or reduced tuition?
We believe in providing the best teachers and facilities to our students and unfortunately can not afford to offer reduced tuition or scholarships.

Additional questions?
Please feel free to send an email or call us. We’d love to hear from you and provide you with the information you need!  

Please be on time for your class. Do not "drop off" your child early or leave them at the studio past their class time. We are not equipped to watch children that are not enrolled in a class.

Missed class /Make up class Policy
If a student misses a class, they can attend another regular class provided there is room available.
However, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRORATING NOR REFUND for missed classes. "Missed" classes cannot be used as a "class credit" for the next session.
To be able to make up a class the student needs to be enrolled and tuition of the month paid.
To schedule a make-up class please send us an email after reviewing our schedules and let us know the classes that work for you to make-up. We will send a confirmation back in the following 24 hrs.

No parents allowed in the classroom
We believe children should be able to enjoy and focus on their art class. For this purpose, we ask parents to wait in the lobby or waiting area to avoid disruptions in the class. Please call us or discuss it with the teacher if you have any concerns about this policy.

Payment is due the first week of the month. Please call us if you have any questions about payments, discounts and special offerings.

Discount policy for weekly classes
Additional Family Members will receive $5 off monthly tuition for additional family members.

Cancellation policy for weekly classes
A minimum of two weeks advanced notice before the class period starts is required to receive a full refund. Cancellations made after the two week advanced notice period will be refunded less a $30 cancellation fee. Cancellations made THREE days before the class begins ARE NOT eligible for a refund.

Inclement weather policy.
In the event of inclement weather, the decision to open or close ART+ Academy will be made no later than 1 p.m. during the week and 8:30 am for the Saturday classes.

Please notice that ART + Academy does NOT follow local school districts closings.

We will communicate to our ART+ families by:
a) A mass e-mail to all students,
b) A post in our website in the page “Student’s Corner”
c) Our Facebook page:
If we close the Academy due to inclement weather, students can make up their classes following our make-up procedure. ART + Academy does not refund or credit for classes cancelled due to weather.

We also want to stress that we want everyone to use their best judgment at all times and make a personal decision for your and your family based on the roads in your area and your feeling about driving to art classes. Even though we may be open for classes, please don’t feel like you need to travel to the studio if you are questioning the trip at all. We understand and you can make-up the class. Ultimately we want everyone to be safe.

Our tuition covers four (4) weekly art classes. Class tuition varies per class and the price is displayed next to the class schedule (see class schedules).

Registration Fee
There is a registration fee of $28 every quarter in Sep., Dec. and March.

Discount of $5 off in the tuition for each additional family member.



    Using methods such as Dr. Betty Edwards, “Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain,” and a combination of warm-up exercises will help you draw realistically.

    We will explore different media such as charcoal and soft pastels to draw and learn about value and shading. Then we will work on several still life compositions as well as some masterpieces.

    Once drawing skills are mastered, we introduce new mediums such as watercolor, mixed-media and acrylics.