Frequently Asked Questions

We organize our classes based on age groups and follow the school calendar on a monthly tuition basis.

You can enroll anytime as long as we have space in the class. The tuition for the first month will be prorated based on your enrollment date. For tuition fees, please see our class schedule.

We have three locations conveniently located in Northwest Austin, SW Austin and Cedar Park.


Yes. We have classes for adults, children and teens. For more information, please visit our class schedule.

Students can start as young as four years old depending upon their maturity (how the child handles being without Mom or Dad at their side). For more information or special requests, please contact us.

Our continued class approach (as opposed to a one-time class), small groups and focus on technique, allow us to take each student from a beginner level to an intermediate or advanced level. Through skill development and freedom, we foster individual creativity.

Children's classes
We provide all materials for children's classes. Just bring your child and we are all set!

Adults and Teens
Students bring their own materials to class.

We provide individual instruction based on each student’s age and skills. First, we work on helping a student improve their drawing skills by focusing on the use of shape, volume, perspective and shading to achieve a 3D effect. After a student has mastered these concepts, we continue our instructional focus by developing drawing and painting skills using different media (pencil, charcoal, watercolor, pastel and acrylic) based on the student’s feedback and preferences. Measurable results can be achieved by each student after 12 weeks of continuous instruction!

A student can attend another regular class provided there is room available. However, there is ABSOLUTELY NO PRORATING NOR REFUND for missed classes. "Missed" classes cannot be used as a "class credit" for the next session. See our class policies.

We believe in providing the best teachers and facilities to our students and unfortunately cannot afford to offer reduced tuition or scholarships.

If you would like to see a class on another day or time, let us know and we will consider your suggestion for our next schedule.

(Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math)

“Art Education is key to creativity” (STEAM).

Drawing allows children, teens and adults alike to find a creative way to express themselves. It is a tool to develop and express ideas and a source of joy, confidence and self-esteem. To learn more how “Creativity enables Innovation” - read the “STEAM and not STEM” whitepaper on why Art Education is key to creativity.